Let's get SOLD!

Step 1: Prepare to Sell
In the maze of forms, financing, inspections, marketing, pricing, and negotiating, leave it to our experienced agents to do the  work for you as they are most familiar with the local market. 

Step 2: Pricing your Home
Let's find out what your home is worth. Click here!  We will then view your home and take into account many things such as recent updates, location of lot and condition of the property and determine what makes your house different than any other house listed on the market. I review several factors, including market conditions and interest rates,and determine how much you can get for your home. In other words, home selling is part art, part science, part marketing, and part negotiation.

Step 3: Marketing 
We will share a marketing plan with you. I have many impressive marketing tools that will speed up the sale of your home.

Step 4: Negotiating 
The biggest decision in sales process comes when we get an offer for your home. Whether we have one offer or several to consider, I will help you choose the best offer and help differentiate them.

Step 5: Accept Offer 
When you have a signed contract with the buyer for your home, you may feel as if you can breathe a sigh of relief. 
   Be prepared to:

  • Cooperate with home inspector
  • Cooperate with lender’s appraiser
  • Provide buyer and buyer’s agent, lawyer, and other professionals with legal documents
  • Contact your lender to start mortgage payoff process
  • Make your own arrangements to move

​    Be prepared to handle:

  • Disclosures as required by your state and municipalities
  •  Property records, building permits and receipts for the appraiser
  •  Property records for the title insurer
  • Insurance documents
  • Mortgage, loan and lien documents
  • Related legal documents for financial and estate planning

Step 6: Funding 
Once escrow is perfected and ready to be finalized funds will be received and documents will be recorded. Once documents have been recorded funds will be disbursed.